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We love hemp.


Hemp Infused Soap Bars

How it started

5 years ago, owner Cliff Grayson was searching for non-habit forming relief from feelings of anxiety and depression. Unwilling to settle for "the traditional" pharmaceutical prescribed pill practice, with high potential for undesired side effects; he stumbled upon CBD. While using hemp-derived CBD he noticed a subtle mood uplifting, pain-reducing benefit without any adverse reaction.

This ultimately led Cliff to create and encourage safe alternative ways to use hemp every day.

The science

You may have noticed CBD hemp infused products popping up everywhere. The more we learn about hemp and its medicinal compounds the more common it will become. Research currently suggest "an active ingredient (CBD)  in cannabis, might help block infection with the virus that causes COVID-19." This amazingly complex plant is said to contain more than 60 cannabinoid compounds. The most popular compounds are THC, CBD, and D-8THC. We use full-spectrum CBD hemp flower in our soap, which contains all naturally occurring extracts from the hemp plant, including no more than 0.3% THC.

Hemp Soap Science
We Love Hemp

Our Passion

Here at, we are extremely passionate about hemp. Our inspiration is motivated by the medicinal benefits of hemp and its potential to positively affect our environment. It is estimated, there are over 50,000 industrial uses for hemp. From textiles, construction materials, fuel, oils, food and medicine, hemp is a renewable resource that uses less time, space, and water than cotton; and it does not deplete the soil. Hemp is environmentally friendly, physically &  mentally therapeutic, and an all-around smarter choice for furthering our initiative to "go green".

In Conclusion

 You deserve high-quality personal care products designed with powerful herbal ingredients from nature. ThinkBeyondSelf is a new company primarily focused on hemp-based products that are safe to use on a daily basis. 

We believe hemp is a healing herb that could heal the planet!  

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